Blythe, CA Copper Repiping and Slab Leaks Cost

More about Slab Leaks in Blythe

If your home in Blythe has pipes with soft copper tubing underneath the layer of concrete foundation, you might get under slab leaks. These leaks are generally serviced by locating the water leak and cutting into the slab to reach and fix the leak. The difficulty using this type of repair is that a second possible leak is likely elsewhere in the under slab system. The long-term option is to repipe, bypassing all of the under slab pipes.

Why Would I Need a Repipe?

  • Water is leaking through the concrete foundation.
  • Water sounds like it is running even while no faucets are on.
  • Water meter displays water running despite the fact that your water is turned off.
  • Extraordinary high monthly water costs.
  • Neighbors in Blythe, CA have experienced a leaking slab.
  • You have experienced a previous slab leak.

The lowered water pressure you are feeling can be caused by a low volume of water. As galvanized pipes grow older, the rust and corrosion cause the inside diameter of the water line to close off, decreasing the flow of water. All together the decreased volume of water inside the system is not sufficient to supply several fixtures at one time. The rust inside the water pipes is also transferred to the water that you are showering in or even worse, drinking. Gradually the rust will cause a hole in the steel water pipe and you’ll encounter water leaks or total failure.

Shouldn’t a good nearby emergency plumber in Blythe repipe the house?

While it may appear like it’s a wise decision to call your neighborhood plumber or plumbing professional, the truth is a PEX or Copper Repipe is a process that involves not just the Repiping itself, but also the care and skills in the full repair, including patching the exposed walls and safe guarding the home furnishings.

What is the leading company for Repipes in Blythe, CA?

Without a doubt, Repipe Specialists is the very best service provider in California to go with when you really need the job done right. With greater than 2 decades experience exclusively centered on Copper and PEX Repipes in Blythe, CA, Repipe Specialists are the front runners in support, quality and increased value.